Software Development for Companies in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Customized designs of web applications, inventory control, payment systems, sales and CRM for companies

We have worked with all kinds of companies and we have a large team of expert programmers and software developers

More and more companies are implementing the use of software to streamline their processes and meet their goals.

At Q Marketing we want to help your company grow, that is why we offer you customized IT solutions. Our staff has the necessary experience to develop efficient, innovative and secure systems that simplify and streamline your company’s processes . We advise you from the main idea to the end of the project, in addition to maintenance and support.

In this constant evolution your company has to be competitive. We work with the latest technology using java, android, pl / sql, .net, php, python, JavaScript and HTML5 development tools.

Software Services in San Luis Potosí, Mexico


They are information systems, responsible for storing large amounts of data in a structured, organized and secure manner. We help you with the control and limited access of your company information.

Desktop Applications

These applications are very useful for certain business areas that require speed to meet specific company objectives.

Payment Systems

Give your business a bonus by receiving online payments. With this system, the company controls all the operations carried out and provides a secure connection between the company and the customer.

Business CRM

(Customer Relationship Management) It is functional software for companies as it administers customer relationship management. It helps to manage marketing campaigns, generate quality opportunities for the sales team and measures its satisfaction and loyalty.

Inventory Control Systems

It is a process that helps companies to manage the administration of the movement and storage of goods and the flow of information and resources. Administration and operation vary from company to company. This system helps your company maintain an optimal level of inventory and investment.

XML connection

XML supports databases, being useful when several applications must communicate with each other or integrate information. Functional for the exchange of structured information between different platforms. It can be used in databases, text editors, spreadsheets, etc.

No matter what your requirement is
We adapt to the needs of your company

Software Development Process


We work as a team with you . By identifying the needs of the company, we help you to land the project idea in a way that is useful and functional.


Our team will help you . The most appropriate software system for the company will be built.


Start using it . The appropriate processes are carried out for the final publication of the software system adapted to your company. Maintenance work is carried out.

Our clients trust our systems

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