Advertising in Social Networks, Management and Design in San Luis Potosí

Discover the potential that can be achieved through Social Networks


9 out of 10 Internet users in Mexico have at least one social network.

62 million Mexicans are users of social networks, such as Facebook

Therefore, it is important that your business has Social Networks , in addition to developing a web page. </ h3>

We specialize in:

Management and Advertising on Facebook

At Q Marketing we know that, today, it is important to have a presence on social networks, but in the right way, that is why we help you create a professional profile on Facebook, so that your clients are closer to you. In addition, we advise you on the creation of advertising campaigns on Facebook. Reach all your clients. Do you have a promotion? Make it known on this social network and get more fans. Make your brand appear on the social network with the most users, in Mexico!


A social network specially created for companies and businesses. Is your company already here?… At Q Marketing we advise you with the creation and administration of your profile on this professional social network. Keep in touch with millions of companies and people around the world.


This social network and application for photos and videos will give your company a great plus. 50% of brands are already on Instagram and this year, it will increase 70%. Already have an Instagram presence? At Q Marketing we support you in creating your company profile. We also advise you on the creation and administration of advertising campaigns on Instagram. Make your clients see you everywhere.


As we know, YouTube is the social network focused especially on videos. Make your company known through this popular social network. At Q Marketing we help you with the development of your profile so that, through institutional videos, users approach your company and become potential customers. In addition, we support you with the creation of advertising campaigns focused on YouTube. Make your company more attractive to the user!


One of the social networks in which the information that is shared is short and you will see. Your company cannot miss the opportunity to meet on Twitter, where thousands of users interact with brands and opinion leaders. In Q marketing we support you with the creation and development of your profile, as well as administration of advertising campaigns through Twitter. Reach more users with tweets from your company and make them your customers!


This TikTok social platform is a set of applications and publications that relate to each other. TikTok covers a different market than other social networks, so it is important that your business is present here. At Q Marketing we support you in the creation and administration of content so that the benefits of TikTok bring more customers to your company.

Advantages of Social Media Advertising


Internet Marketing tools allow us to find the right niche for your SME. Your campaigns can be segmented by age, sex, user interests, city, etc. Your Advertising only appears to the market that has to appear.


70% of Social Network users follow brands expecting them to communicate promotions. Create a presence among them and make them remember your company.


Social Media Marketing is not static. Advertising is not limited to an area or a schedule , any of your clients with Internet access can see it. It’s viral, so your campaign message will reach more people.


9 out of 10 Internet users use a Social Network. Take advantage of this great market to get your message across.

We make your followers become customers

We have Plans for SMEs that adapt to your needs

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